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How to Pursue Compensation for On-the-Job Lifting Injuries

By Amanda Spencer on February 27, 2018

man lifting box The number of cases filed due to on-the-job lifting injuries is growing. Workers are exposed to all types of scenarios that require lifting, and the damage from these incidents can be severe. When an injury of this type occurs, it is a good idea to consider filing a workers’ compensation claim for reimbursement. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide training and the equipment necessary to keep workers safe when lifting is part of their responsibilities. When an employer fails to do so, the injured employee can hold them accountable for injuries suffered. The Spencer Law Firm, PLLC, in San Antonio, TX, handles a wide variety of injury cases and can help you demand the reimbursement you are entitled to from a lifting injury.

Types of Work-Related Lifting Injuries

You might think a lifting injury can only happen to a worker involved in heavy lifting. But the truth is, more jobs than not present opportunities for lifting injuries, such as:

  • Restaurant workers: Restaurant workers, such as waitresses and cooks, carry heavy loads. In the case of being overloaded or a lack of proper training, this can cause a back injury.
  • Construction site workers: Heavy machinery is often used by workers, and climbing ladders and hauling loads are also common tasks on a construction site. This type of activity leaves a worker open to a back injury from lifting, and it is the employer’s duty to ensure the load meets certain weight criteria and that the worker is adequately protected when carrying a load. If not, the employer can be held responsible for a lifting injury.
  • Office workers: Office workers perform more tasks than manning phones and data entry. Many offices have supplies that need to be moved from office to office. When doing so, a worker should be provided the proper lifting belt, and be asked to lift no more than is possible to do correctly.

Regardless of job type, all workers should be given training on safe lifting habits. This includes knowing weight limits, use of safety belts and other gear, and to lift using the knees and not the back.

How Workers Compensation Plays a Role in Lifting Injuries

The first step to a worker’s compensation claim is to notify your employer of the injury. This is crucial for documenting the type and cause of injury and will come in handy during the claim process.

A lifting injury can cause severe back trauma, which can include torn and strained muscles, hernia disks, soft tissue injuries, chronic back pain, or ongoing numbness. Treating back pain is a difficult medical task, and it may take prolonged treatment and therapy to fully recover. A worker’s compensation award should fully reimburse you for medical expenses, prescription drug costs, surgeries related to the accident, chiropractic care, and lost wages.

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